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Red Blood Divine, Project formed by Mynationshit and Sentionaut which is influenced by horror movies .They definitely love directors such as Dario Argento ,John Carpenter,Wes Craven, Mario Bava and of course their hypnotist aesthetics and sinister atmospheres.


COÀGUL is the muzak project of the visual artist Marc O'Callaghan (Barcelona, 1988). Its main function is to concentrate the energy of certain cosmic principles in the physical spot where its sound is performed or reproduced...


...Amidst the Montes de Maceira (Torres Vedras, Portugal), where the land meets the sea, in the year 2014 a Lusitanian tribe was born, children of the land and the sea, whose name is Falcata de Fogo. This is a project that aims to honour and dignify his ancestors through the ancient ritualistic and melodic sounds....


Waste is set up as GH Records´s electronic music sublabel which wants to release gloomy and emotive stuff and besides to look for new artists and well-know also.

Gattopardo - Gattopardo

Label: Burka For Everybody, Dama Da Noite, Nada Nada Discos
Format: Vinyl, LP, Stereo
Released: 15 Dec 2014
Style: Post-Punk

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B.F.E. 26

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"Brazilian band Gattopardo´s debut album feature a sound that looks sweet, tense and haggard at equal parts, echoing the soul of Rikk Agnew during his tenure at Christian Death or Musta Paraati. This yields a motley assortment of damaged songs without sharp edges that would collapse when rub against the urban landscape of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

No-bullshit post-punk is their thing, as if The Cure of the Seventeen seconds album were stabbed to death by Part 1, A Touch of Histeria and other millitants that opted for the most nihilist option of anarchopunk. Even the use of portuguese does not undermine its urban character.

Understandibly, there is nothing the Amazon rainforest could do to counter the concrete jungle." Elvis Von Doom


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