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Barbarossa Umtrunk – Agharti

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Barbarossa Umtrunk - Agharti
Label: Twilight Records
Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition, Digipak
Country: Argentina
Released: 2010
Style: Dark Ambient, Experimental, Neofolk


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Prophetic spoken-words declaimed in french, teutonic marches of redemption, epic hymns and reptilians shamanic-ambient soundscapes immerse us beneath subterrean caverns and synarchic lodges in quest for the legendary realm of Agarttha. Supreme fief of the Masters of Wisdom who rules the world, known as the Castle of Grail, Axis Mundi and throne of the King of the World. Like a spiritual travel through Thuringer forests, Kaukasius mountains, Gobit's desert, Fergana's monasterys to Trans-Himalayans temples and Gizeh pyramids, "Agharti" give us away the theophanics keys which disclose the secret paths of Sacred Geography and the Arktos Mysteries.
Inspired by the following writes of E.B. Lytton, Gerard de Nerval, René Guénon, Ferdinand Ossendowski and G.I. Gurdjieff.

Guest: Tamerlan and Schattenspiel.
Artwork by Sylvia Polaris.

Digipack format/500 copies

1-Superiores Incogniti
2-Asia Mysteriosa
3-Les Exiles d'Agarttha
4-L'aiguille Creuse
5-Kyffhauser: La Citadelle Du Roi Du Monde
6-La Montagne Du Califat
Featuring – Schattenspiel
7-Le Centre Supreme
Featuring – Schattenspiel
8-L'ile Verte
9-Au Coeur Du Monde
10-La Confrerie Sarmoung
Featuring – Tamerlan
11-La Race Qui Nous Exterminera
12-Les Templiers De l'Agarttha

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