Moloch 11811- Stalingrado

El Lobo y la Espada - L.E.03

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Moloch 11811 - Stalingrado
Label: Gradual Hate Records
Format: CD + Cassette, Album, Limited Edition
Cassette, Album, Limited Edition, C60
Country: Spain
Released: 09 Sep 2012
Style: Industrial, Power Electronics, Noise

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The screams of the fallen of Stalingrad become industrial sounds thet remind the ruined landscapes of a city besieged for 6 months. The rythm of the war is the chronological guide that leads the listener through dark and bloody places. The blood of Stalingrad.


Side A: The Mary Celeste crew's disappearance is often cited as the greatest maritime mystery of all time , Moloch 11,811 proposed (in the side a) a travel in Ghost Ship, mixing all kinds of sounds, getting an authentic soundtrack of dark ambient, drone Industrial, Noise .. impressive!!

Side B: What feel when are engulfed by the sea in a storm? Moloch 11811 proposes to take the storm center, a 30-minute Industrial Noise, only to initiates

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