Lords Of Chaos - Book + 2CD Bundle

PRO050E / ISBN 10: 0922915946

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Lords Of Chaos - 2ed: The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground (Paperback)
Didrik Soderlind, Michael Moynihan
English language

Various ‎– Lords Of Chaos - The History Of Occult Music

Label: Index Verlag ‎– PRO050E
Format: 2 × CD, Compilation 
Style: Prog Rock, Blues Rock, Viking Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal, Ambient, Religious, Experimental

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The most incredible story in the history of music . a heavyweight book. --Kerrang! An unusual combination of true crime journalism, rock and roll reporting and underground obsessiveness, Lords of Chaos turns into one of the more fascinating reads in a long time. --Denver Post A narrative feature film based on this award-winning book has just gone into production.

CD 1:

1.Aleister Crowley - The Pentagram    
2.Robert Johnson - Me And The Devil Blues    
3.Coven - The Portrait [Unreleased On CD Format]
4.Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath        
5.Black Widow - Sacrifice [Rare Track]        
6.Bobby Beausoleil - In The Temple Of The Moon [Exclusive Track]
7.Mick J. - Invocation Of My Demon Brother [Unreleased Track]    
8.Venom - Black Metal
9.Mercyful Fate - Come To The Sabbath    
10.Sodom - Outbreak Of Evil    
11.Hellhammer - Triumph Of Death        
12.Monte Cazazza - Stairway To Hell    
13.Anton Szandor LaVey - The Satanic Hamboo [Rare Track]        
14.Genesis P. Orridge And Psychic TV - Supermale [Rare Track]

CD 2: 
1.Anton Szandor LaVey - Black Mass Opening Hymn    
2.Death SS - Black Mass [Rare Track]    
3.Bathory - Twilight Of The Gods        
4.Unleashed - Into Glory Ride        
5.Mayhem - Freezing Moon [Feat. Dead; Rare Track]        
6.Darkthrone - A Blaze In The Northern Sky        
7.Emperor - The Burning Shadows Of Silence    
8.Ulver - [Exclusive And Unreleased Track]    
9.Thorns - tellar Master Elite    3:52    
10.Abruptum - Massdöd        
11.The Electric Hellfire Club - Age Of Fire [Exclusive Remix]        
12.Peter H. Gilmore - What Is Good? [Lex Talionis; Rare Track]    
13.White Stains - Take It From Me [Rare Track]        
14.Anton Szandor LaVey - Black Mass (Closing Hymn)

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