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Various ‎– Occult Box
Label: Cleopatra ‎– CLP 2080, Cleopatra ‎– CLP-2080-2
Format: Box Set, Limited Edition, Numbered 
5 × CD, Compilation 
Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM, Blue 
Country: US
Style: Industrial, Witch House, Darkwave, Post-Punk, Experimental, EBM, Horrorcore, Trap, Electro, Dark Ambient, Goth Rock, Drone, New Wave

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Aleister Crowley was an English occultist, ceremonial magician, poet, painter, novelist, and mountaineer. He founded the religion and philosophy of Thelema, in which role he identified himself as the prophet entrusted with guiding humanity into the Æon of Horus in the early 20th century.

Crowley has remained an influential figure, both amongst occultists and in popular culture, particularly that of Britain, but also of other parts of the world. In 2002, a BBC poll placed Crowley seventy-third in a list of the 100 Greatest Britons.[260] Richard Cavendish has written of him that “In native talent, penetrating intelligence and determination, Aleister Crowley was the best-equipped magician to emerge since the seventeenth century.” Wouter Hanegraaff asserted that Crowley was an extreme representation of “the dark side of the occult”, while philosopher John Moore opined that Crowley stood out as a “Modern Master” when compared with other prominent occult figures like George Gurdjieff, P.D. Ouspensky, Rudolf Steiner, or Madame Blavatsky, also describing him as a “living embodiment” of Oswald Spengler’s “Faustian Man”.

Disc 1
powwowW is part of the new Oakland Internet dance music movement stemming from witch house, ‘90s trance and UK Garage. He has released music on various labels including: Berlin based witch house label, Phantasma Disques, and Bay Area electronic music labels: Tundra Dubs and Popgang Records. With lush synths, syncopated drums and original sampling, powwowW is poised for dark basement dance floors and even darker corners of the Internet.

Psychic TV - Occult BoxMore of an experimental artist collective than a proper rock band, Psychic TV established itself in 1981 under the hand of the enigmatic vocalist/songwriter Genesis P-Orridge and video director Peter Christopherson, both formerly of industrial legends Throbbing Gristle. Contributors to the group ranged widely from Soft Cell’s Marc Almond and Ave Ball to Coil and members of The Cult. PTV’s early output featured relatively straightforward pop songs brought to life through unconventional, densely layered arrangements. Later albums experimented with harsher industrial and techno sounds, such as this brilliant cover of an early Pink Floyd song.

Also includes: Umberto, Christian Death, The Soft Moon, Joy Division, Vows, 1000 Homo DJs, The Electric Hellfire Club, Sins, Controlled Bleeding, Chrome, Mater Suspiria Vision, Salt Creek, & Laibach.

Disc 2
He was goth music’s Jim Morrison, a modern day Ian Curtis & another chapter in that tragic legacy of lives cut short. However, Rozz Williams wasn’t simply a marginal talent whose suicide in 1998 has been overly romanticized. He was revered way before that fateful day. After all, he did start Christian Death, unquestionably the most significant gothic band since Bauhaus & even took the opportunity to spread his wings with the critically acclaimed Shadow Project. This track, from his solo album Every King A Bastard’s Son, is another example of Williams’ penchant for the experimental, a deeply disturbing walk through the mind of a twisted genius.

Bestial Mouths - Occult BoxPooling together a group of influences as divers as its members, Bestial Mouths present a raw, synth-driven energy propelled by singer Lynette Cerezo’s powerful vocals. Often likened to Diamanda Galas, Siouxsie Sioux and Lydia Lunch, Cerezo delivers each note with fury and abandon. Sythesists/keyboardists Christopher Myrick and Gustavo Aldana channel early industrial, EBM, goth and minimal synth pop in turns, blending harsh electronics and lush melodies. When fused to Aldana’s splintered programmed beats and the tribal rhythms and samples, the harmonics combine to breathe new life into post punk, weaving their own distinct creation in the process.

Also includes: Sidewalks & Skeletons, Blackburner, Sycorax, Lucifear, Gravediggaz, Kevin Jeong & Sean Price, Revolting Cocks, Tangerine Dream, Front Line Assembly, Special Darkness, Crossparty, Bathaus, & The Legendary Pink Dot.

Disc 3
This indie rock duo hails from Nashville TN where the two members, Chris & Dexy Valentine, met and began writing music together. They released an EP, Magic Love & Dreams, in 2009 followed by their debut full length Aloha Moon in 2012. Shortly after, the band hooked up with London dream pop outfit The xx who brilliantly reworked “Warrior” for them. Magic Wands are expected to release new music soon and, meanwhile, Dexy released a new side project, the shoegaze inspired Bonfire Beach, in 2014.

Occult Box - Damon EdgeAfter 10 years of mind blowing work with the perpetual noise machine Chrome, which he founded in 1975, Damon Edge embarked on a solo career with the release of Alliance, from which this track is taken. Moving in a decidedly more pop direction yet still holding to the visionary avant garde aesthetic that made Chrome one of the most respected underground bands in San Francisco, Edge found inspiration for his solo albums in the City Of Light (Paris) where he had moved with his wife Fabienne Shine. Later, Edge returned to Chrome but this time without his longtime partner Helios Creed for several more albums. Tragically, he died in 1995 reportedly from complications caused by years of heavy drinking.

Also includes: André Obin, Terminal Twilight, Peter Murphy, Fantôme, Ogre Of Skinny Puppy, Begod, Silver Swans, Nico, I††, Penal Colony, Switchblade Symphony, Deathday, & Passions.


Disc 4
Groundbreaking Boston 4 piece, Radclyffe Hall is garnering serious buzz & a burgeoning fan-base thanks to their sinister dance-pop aesthetics that mix pulsating acoustic & programmed beats with ethereal vocals. Their live show, seen most recently at this year’s CMJ music festival, has a strong symmetrical motif with a setup of parallel keyboards & parallel drums that capture the band’s dualities: digital vs. analog, light vs. dark, classic vs. innovative. The group’s multi-faceted artistic interests also extend to their music videos, which includes the video for their incredible single “OMG.” Turning fear into agency and loss into catharsis, Radclyffe Hall makes moody anthems for your darkest dreams.

The French duo Unison released their first EP Outside in 2009. Since then, the group has gone viral and their following has exploded. They have been interviewed by numerous independent blogs and press magazines and have shared the stage with groups like Mazzy Star, A Place To Bury Strangers, and Battles. Band members Julien Camarena and Melanie Moran are recognized in France as leaders of the Witch House movement. During their live shows, audiences find themselves entranced by unrelenting beats and waves of guitar tracks by Camarena mixed with the siren-like voice of Moran, calling out from this haunted yet irresistible whirlwind.

Also includes: You Love Her Coz She’s Dead, Greyscalesound, Fostercare, Teeel, Wait For The ☽‡☾, M△S▴C△RA, Ritualz, G.R. Zombie, Mircalla, Starfawn, Gosts, Ourobonic Plague & Lake R▲dio.


Disc 5 
Tamara SkyTamara Sky is an archetype, a one of a kind, and a damn good DJ. Her tenacious presence at the forefront of the scene has placed her in the most important music events and in the most influential company around the world. Besides headlining events with celebrity names like Kim Kardashian, Janet Jackson, Scott Storch, Keri Hilson, Jenny McCarthy, Carmen Electra, DJ’ing Donald Trump’s birthday, or DJ’ing with Tiesto, Tamara Sky also maintains omnipresence in the electronic club scene.

She is the co-founder and resident DJ of Los Angeles’ infamous underground party Lil Death, where acts like Crystal Castles, Brodinski, Gaslamp Killer, Klever, Jimmy Edgar, Kastle, Boys Noize, and other secret guests play every month to LA’s most discerning of tastemakers. She has played with and received praise from nearly every major electronic musician/DJ in the game. From headlining Hollywood’s Supperclub to DJing Basel Castle in Miami with Yellawolf & Craze, to spinning alongside Tensnake, Fred Falke and Yuksek at WMC in Miami, to DJing with Nero, or headlining with Gucci Mane in ATL, Tamara’s skill and taste behind the decks garner universal acclaim from fans and peers alike.

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