Celtic Dance & Wofthrone –Regressus Ad Uterum / Memories from Ancestral Times


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Celtic Dance / Wofthrone
Regressus Ad Uterum / Memories from Ancestral Times
Label: Ethereal Sound Works – esw.cda.002
Format: CD, EP, Split CD
Country: Portugal
Released: 2004
Style: Black Metal

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Split CD with two works, previously released only in tape: Celtic Dance - Regressus Ad Uterum; and Wolfthrone - ... Memories from Ancestral Times. Portuguese and Spanish Black Metal.

Intro: Regressus Ad Uterum
One Sword, One Voice
Keltic Triumph!
To North We March Forth
A Battle to be Won...
The Cry of the Warrior
The Wolfcult (Intro)
Heathen Creed
Personal Views of my Final Existence
Misanthropic Warriors of Doom (Sons of the Northern Fullmoon)
The Pagan Cult is Still Alive (when the Smoke of the Burning Christian Temples Will Cover the Sky)
Apocalyptic Visions Under the Lunar Eclipse
... Memories from Ancestral Times
Sed de Sangre Cristiana
Mighty Kingdoms of the Elder Raven
A Dream Lost in Mist (Outro)

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