Ganzer - Omega Point


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Omega Point
Label: Ufa Muzak – UFA 48
Format: CDr, Album
Country: Russia
Released: 2012
Style: Drone, Dark Ambient

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6 tracks, 33 minutes, 6-panel cardboard sleeve with a rope and sticker. Apocalyptic black harsh shoegaze Apocalyptic black harsh shoegaze. Along the metal walls of a small room slide the long shadows like interwined snakes. But there is nothing here and never have been, in this hazardous organic environment existence is impossible.

Temperature heats up and steam swirls in white clouds. Gnash comes from the cracks in the floor and ceiling, someone tries to penetrate from the outside and strikes with great force with large-tonnage constructions. Sometimes noise becomes unbearable and the room shakes from waves of sonic pressure. Weightless like vapour this album of Ganzer streams from long huge rusty pipes randomly thrown on the ground.

This hot smoke clogs the throat and tears the lungs. There is movement inside the pipes, soon it should come out. Half an hour of heavy waiting, listening deeply the harsh splashes of noise. The device indicator shows the way. There is nothing and has never been, in this metal box, in this prison, only an embossed inscription on the wall: your name and two dates, of your birth and your death. 

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Mágica y esotérica obra de culto, un proyecto de Riazán Majdanek Waltz, anteriormente conocido por sus discos duros brutales Noyzovymi con el sustrato hermético y oculto. En este momento, Riazán, con el apoyo de colaboradores secretos registró el trabajo de una forma completamente nueva, utilizando en su mayoría guitarras creando una pesadilla, Dark Shoegaze duro en la tradición de oscuros proyectos de tipo ADERLATING, DAPNOM, Aluk TODOLO.



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