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Label: Suprachaotic Records
Format: CD, Album, Enhanced
Country: Spain
Released: 2009
Style: Grindcore, Electro

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“Hyperspeed digital grindcore with brutal death influences. Really original stuff and incredible sound that will make your head explode”.

MULK is a one-man cybergrind/grindcore band from Lyon, France. Consisting of Vincent from Sedative handling guitars, drum programing and growls . It’s an insane mixture of electronic breakcore the likes of Venetian Snares and some of the most devestating death metal there is to be found. There are similarities to bands like WHOURKR and NOISM. Hyperspeed electronic drums, technical guitarwork and deep growls. MULK has one album out, “Putrilogie” released in early 2009, a 30 minute assault of brainmelting hyperspeed guttural aggressive grindcore

“MULK is a solo project between grindcore and breakcore. The one man band born in 2006 with a putrilogik project with 3 act, Putr&fact I, II & III. The style evolves with time, mixing speed brutal death style and break electronic songs.

The Putrilogie is product by the Spanish label SUPRACHAOTIC RECORDS who support the new extrem metal electronique scene with WHOURKR and THEY ALL HAD TENTACLE.”

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