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Epoch – [R]evolution


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Label: Carbon 12 Records
Format: CDr, Limited Edition, Numbered
Country: US
Released: 31 Oct 2013
Genre: Eletronic
Style: Industrial

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In the global state, economies, politics and peoples combine in transnationalism and what occurs in one country’s system ripples through the rest of the world, often with tragic consequences. The audacity of those in power, coupled with the desire to control and manipulate, has led to the chain of events currently striking across the globe. But this came as no surprise to Epoch, which chronicled the path to today’s crisis with the 2013 album “Purity & Revolution,” featuring the power hungry and those who warned in their own historical words, set to the backdrop of industrial militaristic machine music.

An anthem to the corrupt nature of politics and economics, “Purity” displayed a range of style and instrumentation from subtle neo-folk acoustic guitar, to powerful symphonic martial arrangements, to driving and distorted guitars. With “[R]evolution,” Epoch invited an equally diverse and global range of artists to remix tracks from “Purity & Revolution.” Acknowledging the extremism in the socio-political landscape, “[R]evolution” delivers extreme interpretations of Epoch’s sound.

Track List:

Capitalism is the New Fascism [Red Flags Shall Rise Mix] - Lenin
Neglect of the First World - Thy Fearful Symmetry
W.T.O.[<dE/mutE> Mix] -<dE/mutE>
The Corporate State [Long Live The State Mix] - r3m0rt
March of the Revolution [LRAD Mix] - Sz.Berlin
Invisible Empire [Covert Transmission Mix] - Psychepoppet
W.T.O.[Extended Corporate Profits Club Mix] - Louden Klier
False Hope, False Victory [Industrial Complex Mix] - Dumb Machine
March of the Revolution [XKeyscore Mix] - Sz.Berlin


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