Mueran Humanos: Mueran Humanos
  • Mueran Humanos: Mueran Humanos

Mueran Humanos - Mueran Humanos

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Mueran Humanos ‎– Mueran Humanos
Label: Old Europa Cafe ‎– OECD 138
Format:CD, Album, Jewel-Case
Country: Italy
Released: 2010
Style: Industrial

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Mueran Humanos  is a great new project from Argentina (from Argentum, latin for silver).
Silver kills werewolves, and sometimes vampires too, but also the material of which the knives wielded at satanic masses are forged, echoes we say, echoes that spread across the authoritarian landscapes of Possession-era Berlin (Berlin, the city where Mueren Humanos are now living) like ink stolen from an apocryphal sequel of the house of leaves, now set in pock-marked concrete whence mouths stretch agape frozen in a silent shout.
Mueran Humanos’ seductive dirge sounds like the missing link between La Dusseldorf and a female singing “Suicide” performing a macabre tango, like black raven wings spreading from a shadowy corner in your messy bedroom, dark bliss palpitates alluring hidden inside a shroud of cobwebs.
A band for days of torrential rain and wind whistling malevolent against the rattling windows of the decaying Victorian manor where we dwell despondent.
A funereal march across the long empty corridors of a Berlin apartment where time and space stretch supernatural like the shadows hiding Catherine Deneuve’s nightmares in Repulsion.

Surrealist hallucinations, cruel razorblades slide shiny eyeballs, not nice, but beautiful.

This debut album will surprise you all, don’t miss it !

OECD 138

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